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  • October 2001
    Successfully developed the large water source heat pump product, which was China’s first flooded ground temperature air conditioning product (integrating flooded evaporator, electronic expansion valve, and GSM wireless monitor).
  • May 2002
    May 2002
    Gained the patent certificate for GSM wireless monitoring system for central air conditioning product.
  • July 2002
    July 2002
    Gained the patent certificate for refrigerant mass flow rate control device for central air conditioning product.
  • July 2002
    Successfully developed the flooded water condensing product, and passed the certification of ISO9001 quality system.
  • November 2002
    Became the first company in the country that has independently finished the design, manufacturing, and application of ground source heat pump air conditioning product and achieved good effect.
  • July 2003
    July 2003
    The heat pump product floor radiant cooling and heating system gained the patent certificate.
  • September 2004
    Gained the Hi-tech Enterprise certificate. 
  • December 2004
    Smoothly passed the stringent test of the General Machinery Product Inspection Institute and gained the qualification test report.
  • March 2005
    The heat pump product sunlight intensity compensation system gained the patent certificate(utility model patent). 
    Patent number: ZL200420038570.1
  • March 2005
    The environment temperature compensation control system won the patent certificate(utility model patent).
    Patent number: ZL200420038571.6 
  • March 2005
    Became one of the first enterprises that has won the National Production License for Industrial Products.
  • August 2005
    August 2005
    The double condenser full heat recovery heat pump product gained the patent certificate.
  • March 2006
    March 2006
    The double evaporator ice storage heat pump product won the patent certificate.
  • July 2006
    Won the title of Contract Observing Enterprise again.
  • October 2006
    Sea water source heat pump product (invention patent) 
    Patent number: ZL200410035421.4
  • January 2007
    January 2007
    The heat pump product for residual heat recovery in the industrial fields gained patent certificate.
  • July 2007
    Passed the certification of ISO14001 environment management system.
  • October 2007
    October 2007
    Won the National Torch Program Certificate (double evaporator ice storage heat pump product)
  • October 2007

    Bi-directional electronic expansion valve (invention patent)

    Patent number: ZL200510042186.8

  • March 2008
    Gained the CRAA certificate.
  • July 2008
    Recognized as water source (ground source) heat pump industrialization base by Ministry of Construction.
  • August 2008
    The invention patent of heat recovery during preheating in power plant and printing and dyeing industry was approved.
    Patent number: ZL200610043525.9
  • August 2008
    A new kind of energy tower (utility model patent) was approved.
    Patent number: ZL200720025071.2
  • May 2009
    May 2009
    The energy tower heat pump product gained the patent certificate.
  • June 2009
    Land water source heat pump products have been included in the procurement list of the government.
  • November 2009
    The trial run platform, which gained national level third party inspection qualification and was authorized by national authority organizations, was built and put into use.
  • May 2010
    May 2010

    Gained the National Torch Program certificate(water source heat pump product).
    The water source heat pump for vegetable greenhouse gained the patent certificate,

  • September 2010
    The energy tower with solution adjustment device gained the patent certificate (invention patent).Patent number: ZL200910015583.4
  • January 2011
    The energy tower automatic dosing device gained patent certificate (invention patent) 
    Patent number: ZL200810237878.1 
  • February 2011
    Gained the certificate of National Energy-Saving Products.
  • April 2011
    The energy tower with rainproof/snowproof functions gained the patent certificate.
    Patent number: ZL201020217996.9 (utility model patent) 
  • April 2011
    Developed energy tower heat pump product refrigerating medium freezing point monitoring device and gained the patent certificate (invention patent).
    Patent number: ZL200910015884.9 
  • September 2011
    September 2011
    Participated as the chief editor in the formulating of the national standard “GB/T 25861-2010 steam compress cycle water source high temperature heat pump product”.
  • November 2011
    November 2011
    Gained the AAAA Grade Good Standardizing Practice Certificate
  • February 2012
    Box-type waste water heat exchanger(utility model patent) 
    Patent number: ZL201120153832.9
  • July 2012
    Central air conditioner monitoring system with embedded web server (utility model patent) 
    Patent number: ZL2011203633470.6
  • November 2012
    The independently developed centrifugal machine of proprietary property right was officially launched.
  • December 2012
    Combined heating system using both geothermal water and water source heat pump (utility model patent)
    Patent number: ZL201220232981.9
  • December 2012
    Hot water (≥60℃) generating system using energy tower heat pump and high temperature heat pump (utility model patent)Patent number: ZL201220232981.9
  • June 2013
    Inter-stage air compensation device for a new kind of multi-stage compression centrifugal refrigeration compressor (utility model patent) Patent number: ZL201220718243.5
  • June 2013
    A new kind of centrifugal compressor with a heat insulation and noise reduction chamber (utility model patent) Patent number: ZL201220718599.9
  • September 2013
    September 2013
    Won National Torch Program certificate (medium, extra high temperature water source heat pump product).
  • June 2014
    Gained the patent certificate of a throttling device for centrifugal heat pump product (utility model patent certificate). 
    Patent number: ZL201320794728.7