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Centrifugal Water Source Heat Pump Unit

Centrifugal Water Source Heat Pump Unit

Standard Heat Pump System
Heating capacity: 2958KW~6610KW
Highest temperature of outlet water: 50℃
High temperature Heat Pump System
Heating capacity: 3990kW~5170W
Highest temperature of outlet water: 75℃
Cold Water Heat Pump System
Refrigerating capacity: 3040Kw~5097 kW
  • Heating Station of Tianxing Group, Lindian, Daqing City
  • Heating Company of Tianxing Group, Lindian, Daqing
  • Beijing Xiedao Holiday Village
  • Yangzhou Renjia International Hotel
  • Features

- Environmental care type refrigerant R134a.
- Take underground water, soil, river/lake water, urban sewage, oilfield reinjection water, and industrial waste hot water, return water of centralized heating system as cold and heat source.
- Meet the requirements for refrigeration, heating and sanitation hot water for large buildings such as residential area, supermarkets, office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, stations, airports, etc.
- Residual heat recovery for various industries such as thermal power plant, printing and dyeing, chemical engineering, rubber, machinery manufacturing, etc.
- Semi-hermetic centrifugal compressor tailored for various work conditions can meet customers’ requirements and features convenient daily maintenance.
- Positive pressure design effectively avoids air and other incondensable gas from entering the system.
- Compressor of two-stage compression can be adapted to wider work range.
- Excellent closed bent impellers with 3D flow design features high efficiency and stable operation.
- Unique air-admission system design improves machine efficiency. 
- Adjustable fluid supply system consisting of electronic expansion valve and restriction orifice ensures stable and reliable operation under heating and refrigerating work conditions.
- Energy adjustment mechanism with adjustable impellers ensures safe and reliable operation under the 10%~100% load.
- Oil cooling system automatically adjusted with work conditions ensures stable oil temperature and safe and reliable running of the bearings.
- Equipped with semi-hermetic working medium cooling electric motor, and high voltage electric motor can also be used, which is very convenient for the power distribution.
- Multiple usage: refrigerating, heating and residual heat recovery.
- Independently developed flooded evaporator and condenser.
- Independently developed special control device for heat pump features integrated design and industrial level manufacturing.
- High quality electronic expansion valve and independently developed and manufactured actuator provides high precision control and quick response.
- Color touchscreen interface of humanized design.
- Coordinated control of ancillary equipment ensures safe operation of the heat source water system and air conditioner water system.
- All-round protection functions ensure safe and stable system operation.
- Evaporator and condenser water pressure 1.0MPa.
- Voltage: 10kV.
- We also provide customized design according to customer needs.