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High Temperature Water Source Heat Pump Unit

High Temperature Water Source Heat Pump Unit

Heat Pump System Capacity
Refrigerating capacity: 82kW~2312kW
Heating capacity: 138kW~3828kW
  • Zhongyang Howard-Johnson Plaza Hotel
  • Tianjin Evening News Building
  • Features

- Using HFC-134a refrigerant, the highest temperature of outlet water under heating condition is up to 68℃.
- Take industrial waste water, geothermal tail water, oilfield reinjection water as cold and heat source, and the heat source water temperature range is 15℃~35℃.
- It can directly take the place of boilers for the heating of fin radiators.
- Excellent Bitzer semi-hermetic screw compressor.
- Independently developed special control device for heat pump features integrated design, powerful functions and stable performance.
- High quality electronic expansion valve and independently developed and manufactured actuator provides high precision control and quick response.
- Color touchscreen interface of humanized design.
- GSM remote monitoring patented technology enables unattended operation through remote control by mobile phone SMS.
- Ambient temperature and sunlight compensation patented technology enables automatic adjustment of operations according to outdoor weather conditions, which greatly reduces system operation cost.
- Coordinated control of ancillary equipment ensures safe operation of the heat source water system and air conditioner water system.
- All-round protection functions ensure safe and stable system operation.
- It is suggested to choose ancillary electric facility with power equal to 1.3 times of the heating input power of the system.
- For special requirements, please inform us before placing the order.